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Thursday, June 28, 2012

In a sudden i felt...

in a sudden i felt like want this.. 
but before.. i must have this..
before becoming like this..
 and i want to do photoshoot like this..
but.. i don't wanna him to be like this by the time i'm like this..
hehehehe.. what a memory..

all in a suddent i just feel very lonely.. looking at all my friends newly wed couple.. most of them are pregnant now.. me.. may be xde rezeki lagi.. semua org inginkan.. tapi azam thun ni.. kena azam btul2 nak baby..
minak kawan2 semua doakan saya tuk dapatkan seperti gambar diatas ye.. terima kasih sangat2.. i love u all.. n i really love him so much.. may god bless us with the way of life we have choose.. a very special present from me to him..never mind.. the day will come.. i enjoyed my life though out this time.. 
hehehehe.. klakar plak tetibe terfikir pasal benda ni.. dah tibe mase gaknye kot..hahaha...


  1. Insyallah..:-)
    Adelia Zahra doakan tuk mamy..:-)

  2. hahaha.. laje aje bace ek.. lame tul xtgk adelia.. besau dah tu.. eee.. tunggu uncle outstation lame skit..bleh dating kat luar..wat photoshoot..hahaha..